It is also known as bad breath or oral malodour. It is defined as offensive unpleasant odour emanating from the oral cavity. One of the first recordings pertaining to halitosis is in the Bible where Job (19:17) regretted: “My bad breath is unbearable to my wife…” Continue reading HALITOSIS (BAD BREATH/MOUTH ODOUR)



hemorrhoids1The term “jedijedi” is a local parlance (especially among the Yoruba speaking people) that typically refers to Anal Haemorrhoids or in a few instances may refer to Dysentery.
Anal Haemorrhoids (aka Pile) refers to a dilatation of veins in the anus often leading to bleeding while defaecating with associated pain following prolapse. The condition is exacerbated (and may be caused) by strainingimages-2 accompanying constipation or that induced by over purgation. Less often, the diarrhoea of enteritis or the dysenteries aggravates latent haemorrhoids.  Continue reading De-MYSTIFYING JEDI-JEDI!


The seeming fascination of Nigerians for the bizarre never ceases to amaze me! We just aren’t satisfied with a simple diagnosis but rather have cultivated a penchant for austere and nebulous diagnosis.
medical-consultationThis fact has been exploited by many in different circles to achieve their selfish aim.Tell a typical Nigerian patient that he/she has Malaria only and they look down at you in disbelief and then tell you “…but this my fever (or condition generally) is too serious for Malaria only oh! I’m sure its Typhoid!
“The “Doctor” who proudly announces that the patient has “Typhoid” is the “good one” and knows his business! The patient is much more willing to pay large amounts for treatment of this “Typhoid” than to spend a little on treatment of “simple malaria”. Continue reading De-MYSTIFYING “TYPHOID”