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The month of October is recognised internationally as “Breast Cancer Awareness month” (BCAM), a tradition dating back to 1985, with many activities set aside to promote the awareness of the Breast cancer burden/scourge.

The “Pink Ribbon” (and the colour Pink) is the internationally accepted symbol of Breast cancer awareness and advocacy, a practice that first evolved in 1991.

"Breasts do not define femininity"!
“Breasts do not define femininity”!
Angelina Jolie’s announcement that she had undergone a “prophylactic” bilateral mastectomy (surgical removal of both breasts) earlier this year, after discovering that she carried genetic mutations that greatly increased the risk of susceptibility to Breast cancer, again drew worldwide media attention to the scourge of this condition. Other popular personalities/celebrities Continue reading BREAST CANCER


Menstrual Cycle

Dr: When was your last normal menstrual period (LNMP)?
Lady: em…sometime last month, I think!
Dr: Pls can u be more specific?
Lady: I can’t remember exactly…
Dr: What’s your regular/usual cycle length?
Lady: em…most times it flows well for 3 days, then…
Dr: Sorry to cut u short, but I meant the cycle length…that is the number of days between one period and the next
Lady: Oh I see…its every month na!

The above is an excerpt from a typical discussion between a Dr and a female patient…and its exasperatingly quite common. Its amazing to realise how many ladies know so little about their menstrual cycle pattern or understand that therein lies the clue to many gynaecological problems!
Let’s briefly undertake a study of some relevant details of the menstrual cycle. Continue reading Menstrual Cycle