Ear Care

Our ears are the seat of hearing, one of our 5 senses. While we know that it is necessary for hearing, many people may be unaware that it is also an organ of balance. In other words if your ears do not stabilize you, you’ll literally feel like you are spinning in space a condition known as Vertigo. 4A11631
How do we take care of our ears?
The ear produces a protective film of wax which helps to prevent damage to its delicate lining by preventing water and germs from getting in contact with it as well as by trapping debris. This wax is moved outwards towards the opening of the ear canal everyday. The wax which is so extruded can then be cleaned from the entrance of the ear canal.MTMxNzM3MzMxOTE2MDJfMg It is not necessary therefore to insert a cotton bud into the canal as this strips the protective wax layer off the ear lining leading to possible inflammation or even infection called otitis externa. You may also push it too far and damage the ear drum. 2013-05-22-19-26-58-464345171
When swimming it is wise to always use earplugs or tuck the ears neatly inside the cap to keep it dry. Care should also be taken when bathing babies to ensure water doesn’t get into their ears all the time as persistent wetness can lead to otitis externa.
ear-closeupAvoid excessively loud music as that can cause a reduction in hearing. When using earphones let the music be at a comfortable volume and try to avoid earphones that enter into the ear canal and can injure it. If you must use those ones then pay attention to the labels placing the right and left appropriately ensuring a comfortable fit. If you feel any pain then remove and place it again.
Children are prone to recurrent cattarh and this can lead to ear infections. If your child complains of ear pain please have the child evaluated by a doctor and indeed if you feel any pain in your ears, do see an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throar) doctor (Otorhininolaryngologist) and have it properly treated to prevent chronic ear problems and permanent disability. Chronic ear infections can lead to serious complications which may be life-threatning.
tooloud_640x360If a child does not respond to sound at all by 3 months of age, seek medical help as early intervention with appropriate hearing aids can help the child develop normal hearing and speech. Remember there’s no such thing as ‘deaf and dumb’, a deaf-mute person does not speak because he does not hear. Expose him to sounds and he will learn to speak!
If a child inserts a foreign body in the ear such as a bead, do not attempt to remove it at home, you may damage the ear drum, go to the hospital for safe removal. Avoid home cures for a bleeding ear or ears discharging clear fluid/pus as they can easily get infected and develop complications. Keep the ear dry at all times and see a doctor.
Finally, avoid slaps over the ear as this tends to rupture the ear drum resulting in decrease in hearing. Find other forms of punishment or slap over the cheek if you must bearing in mind that you may then pull the teeth!FlipChart-2-English-3b


4 thoughts on “Ear Care

  1. Your topics has been so interesting. I want to appreciate your kind effort. Also d issue on typhoid is still confusing. Recently my daughter was complaining of stomack and was taken to health centre test was conducted and all parameter indicate typhoid. Augumetin was prescribed and she was relieved of the pain that was accompany with tiredness and headache

    1. Thanks for your kind words appreciating this work. On d issue of Typhoid, we aren’t claiming that typhoid cases don’t exist but they are few and far between unless in epidemics. Most importantly, strict diagnostic work up must be adhered to before arriving at a diagnosis. This is in contrast to ehat currently obtains in most parts of d country. Besides, children frequently have recurrent episodes of non-typhoid enteritis.

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